October 22, 2006

NLN/Carnegie Foundation Survey of Nurse Educators

The National League for Nursing and the Carnegie Foundation are conducting a survey of nurse educators on compensation, workload, and teaching practices. After completing the survey you will get a link for a 10% discount on some NLN books. This survey will give important information to those investigating how to retain faculty, improve working conditions, and promote best practices in teaching.

October 8, 2006

Are nursing education researchers fooling themselves?

Dr. David Singer of MIT has created a very interesting list of things that educators fool themselves about when assessing education. Some particularly important things mentioned are that we should not just look at mean changes but also the changes of students at the low and high ends of a group. Another concern is that collaborative and interactive learning may counterproductive for some students. He also notes that the effects of technology on learning are not only hard to measure, but that learning itself is hard to define.

October 6, 2006

A meta-theory of nursing

Olga Jarrin of the University of Connecticut has proposed a meta-theory of nursing that is quite intriguing. She presents a very cogent synthesis of existing nursing theories. I think this has potential for guiding nursing curricular frameworks. Download the paper here and see what you think.