April 17, 2009

NANDA: Suicide by Greed?

I was sent a document by NANDA-I outlining their fees for use their diagnostic labels in publications. I was stunned by the fees. For example, just to create a list of terms is $250. But wait, there's more. If you want to create a textbook using the diagnoses be prepared to fork over anywhere from $3500 to $65,000! These numbers do not even include their use in software. I asked last summer for the cost and was quoted $3000 plus $2.50 for every copy of the program sold.

Nursing is in great danger of being left behind as electronic health records go online. We need a way to communicate what we do. While many have complained about the circuitous language and downright silly labels of some NANDA nursing diagnoses, they at least provide a common language for documentation until something better is developed.

If NANDA-I and Wiley-Blackwell Publishing insist on taking this usurious tack then we should let NANDA-I diagnoses die a quick death. Many of the terms they use could be challenged as in the public domain. Only a list of diagnoses and definitions that are in the public domain will provide us with the common language that can be used freely for practice, documentation, research, and billing.