November 27, 2011

4 Gift Ideas for Nursing Students this Holiday Season

Nursing educators are heading into the final days of the fall semester at most schools. I like to give my students gift ideas that they could use to make their student lives easier. I suggest they pass them on to their parents and relatives. Here are my top 3 suggestion for the 2011 holiday season:

1. Monochrome Laser Printer: So many students tell me their printer is broken or out of ink, or that the school's printer is broken or being used by too many others. A black and white laser printer can be had for under $100. Even though toner cartridges cost around $60 students fail to realize that the cost per pages is only pennies, print quality is superior to inkjet, they're fast, and the toner never goes dry like an inkjet cartridge.

2. Apple iPod Touch: At $200 this is a great tool for students. No monthly fees, hundreds of healthcare applications (with many of them free), and lots of other non-academic uses including a camera, calendar, calculator, and iPod make it the best deal in the electronics store.

3. Apple iPad 2: If their parents have a bigger budget the iPad WiFi has all the benefits of the Touch and works well as an e-reader. The 3G model has monthly fees to access the Internet but has no contract.

4. All those too rich for your blood? How about a LED Penlight? They are very bright and last hours longer than the old-fashioned lights. They start around $7.

I hope you all have a good end of the semester. Stay calm. It will be all over soon.

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